Night Care


Using qualified, DBS-checked carers, Horizon Homecare can provide either Waking Night or Sleep-in Care as well as a Mobile Night service to cover overnight care requirements between the hours of 22.00 and 08.00.

The types of care this service provides are:

  • Assistance with regular turning and/or repositioning.
  • Pressure area care.
  • Assistance with toileting and/or continence care.
  • Care for people with specialist needs.
  • Monitoring welfare checks for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Encouragement and prompting for fluid intake.
  • Assistance with mobility during the night for people with physical disabilities.
  • Extra support in the early days for people returning home from hospital.
Waking Night Care

Waking Night cover means your Horizon carer will stay awake throughout the night to undertake any care needs that arise. This is ideal for those that require care at regular intervals during the night, such as needing to change position in bed, taking medication or to visit the toilet. And the added bonus is that outside of those personal care duties the carer can undertake domestic services such as cleaning and laundry.

Sleep-in Night Care

Alternatively, our Sleep-in Night Service is ideal for those whose care requirements mean they just need a carer present ‘just in case’. The Sleep-In service works well to provide reassurance to families that their relative is being monitored during the night when, for instance, they have just returned home from a stay in hospital. This service also works well when the client is using electronic monitoring equipment that sends an alert about a person’s movements or continence to a carer that can then respond. A bed would be required for the carer to sleep in but this service is more affordable than Waking Night cover.

Mobile Nights

Horizon’s Mobile Nights service is set up to assist people that require help during the night, either because they are on their own or to provide care relief to relatives. Mobile Nights is an affordable alternative to requiring a carer throughout the night and services include continence care, turning in bed, monitoring and administering fluid intake, assistance with medication and simple welfare checks.