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Mobile Night Care

Horizon Homecare staff

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Horizon Homecare offers  a responsive mobile night service offering care and support throughout the early hours. Operating from 10.00pm through to 7.00am, our care workers operate in pairs to enable support for all care needs. These visits consist of a drop-in visit where clients are supported with a full range of services.

Horizon’s Mobile Nights service is set up to assist people that require help during the night, either because they are on their own or to provide care relief to relatives. Mobile Nights is an affordable alternative to requiring a carer throughout the night and services include continence care, turning in bed, monitoring and administering fluid intake, assistance with medication and simple welfare checks.

Mobile Nights Services
  • Assistance with regular turning and/or repositioning.
  • Pressure area care.
  • Assistance and support with toileting and/or continence care.
  • Care for people with specialist needs.
  • Safety welfare checks for people with dementia or Alzheimer’s.
  • Promoting and encouraging fluid intake.
  • Assistance with mobility during the night for people with physical disabilities.
  • Extra support in the early days for people returning home from hospital.
  • Support with timely medication requirements

Emergency Response Service

As we get older, we can be more vulnerable to accidental falls, even in the relative safety and familiar surroundings of our own home. And, depending on age and underlying conditions, it can often be difficult to obtain immediate help. However with personal alarms and mobile phone apps and it is increasingly easier for the elderly and vulnerable to contact emergency services for assistance. 

Working in partnership with emergency services, Horizon Homecare offers a call out service where our night time team can respond straight away to such situations. Our specialist team can aid and support people who have had a fall in the night but have not injured themselves and simply require support to get back on their feet.

Horizon Homecare Mangar Camel Lifting Chair