Live-in Care


As well as providing home care services on a scheduled basis, Horizon Live-in Care – the sister company of Horizon Home Care – supplies live-in carers to provide 24-hour, round-the- clock support.

A Horizon Live-in carer enables the person or people in need of care to continue to enjoy an independent, reassuring and secure lifestyle within the familiar comfort of their own home.

Personal care

The personal care duties performed by a live-in carer include bathing, washing, dressing, assisting with personal and oral hygiene, toileting and help with personal appearance, such as applying make-up, shaving and hair styling. A suitably trained and qualified live-in carer can provide specialist care to individuals with long-term medical conditions, whilst additionally offering support and reassurance to their family.

Dementia & Alzheimer’s care

Dementia care requires an ability to see the world from the perspective of the person and to establish a way of communication. A live-in carer can provide a person with dementia with companionship and routine whilst preserving their independence and dignity.

Dietary & nutritional needs

A live-in carer can make sure that you or your loved one are getting enough to eat as well as helping nutritional requirements by preparing healthy, balanced meals. A home cooked meal, served in your home, in good company can do wonders for one’s sense of wellbeing.

Companionship & support

In cases where family or friends are often unable to visit, a live-in carer can be a best friend to the person receiving care. Sharing quality time with an understanding and caring friend is both comforting and therapeutic and a live-in carer can become a trusted companion

Security & peace of mind

When someone is in rehabilitation or struggling with a condition, they can often feel at their most vulnerable, both physically and mentally. The knowledge that a fully-trained, compassionate live-in carer is always on hand to ensure continued wellbeing and safety is hugely reassuring for those that they care for, as well as their families.