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Emergency Response Service

Horizon Homecare staff

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Emergency response service in the events of a fall.

We offer an emergency call out service where our night time team can work in partnership with emergency services to aid and support people who have a fall in the night but have not injured themselves and just simply require support to get back on their feet. Our carers have received specialist training and have access to specialist equipment designed to aid people off the floor.

Horizon Homecare Mangar Camel Lifting Chair

At the heart of our response is the Mangar Camel Lifting Chair. The Camel deflates flat to lift someone who has fallen using single-handed care techniques. Using the simple hand control and compressor provided, the Camel can inflated with ease, lifting the prone person into a comfortable upright sitting position. With an inbuilt backrest and internal ring construction, the Camel offers a fully supportive lift and can lift up to 320kg (50 stone). 

The Camel can be used anywhere, indoors or outside, and will lift a fallen person with dignity while protecting both the carer and the person being lifted from injury. This is a relatively exclusive service within the private home care and is generally only offered by local councils; it is also available during the day for all our valued clients.